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Mr Cube

MrCube is all about colorblocks and explosions. You'll need to get 3 or more colorblocks of the same color connecting.You control a arrow placed on top of rows. Try to place the arrow in the row with the same color on your left, right or below. Once there are 3 or more connections the blocks will blow.

During the game you need to get some pickups. Pickups are valuable because they can give power and points.If you don't get the pickups a bird will, when the bird has 5 pickups then it is GAME OVER. Some pickups have extra features, such as bombs, undo and double + your wins.
Try our demo and see if you are the next MrCube

Download MrCube Demo

System requirements:
Pentium 266 mhz +
16 mb Videocard + Directx 7 or higher
Windows 98,Me,2000,XP


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